Friday, August 17, 2012

Singing Lowers Blood Pressure & Boosts Your Heart !! (New study).

Singing Lowers Blood Pressure !! (New study : Harvard Medical School, Boston) ....

Singing has distinct advantages over everyday chitchat. When we sing instead of speak, we have intonation, melody line, and crescendo, which gives us a broader vocabulary to express ourselves.
You don't have to be a professional to reap the benefits of singing.

While previous studies have shown that listening to music may help lower an individual's blood pressure, new research that was published in the March, 2011 issue of "American Journal Arthritis Care and Research" indicates that singing or producing melodies may provide similar benefits.

The researchers followed a 76-year-old woman through her treatment for bilateral knee osteoarthritis. Despite her use of several drug-based therapies, the doctors had to postpone the woman's procedure (total knee replacement surgery) due to her high blood pressure which had reached 240/120.

The patient asked her doctors if she could sing to ease her stress, a routine that she said sometimes helped her fall asleep at night. After two songs, her blood pressure reading was reduced to 180/90. The doctors were pleased with this result and asked her to continue singing periodically throughout the night. A morning evaluation showed that the woman's blood pressure still fell down to 160/90 and remained at this stable level and she was permitted to undergo treatment & the surgery (knee replacement) was successful.
"Singing is simple, safe, and free. Patients should be encouraged to sing if they wish," said the study's lead author Nina Niu. You don't have to be a professional to reap the benefits of singing.
“This is cost-free and toxicity-free,” said Niu. “Looking back, it makes a lot of sense. But when you’re in a hospital setting, you think, ‘We need to give the patient drugs.'
While previous studies have proved playing music can soothe patients, this case study by Niu and colleagues is the first to find a patient’s own singing can help tremendously.

“Before she was singing, she was in a range that qualifies for malignant hypertension ( very high B.P. ), when the patient is in danger,” said Niu. Twenty minutes of song not only decreased her blood pressure, but kept it down for several hours — long enough for surgery.

Even listening to good music has several health benefits ....
There are many reports of listening to good music and its health benefits ... for example, a 2007 Spanish study involving 207 patients found that listening to music before surgery was as effective as the prescription drug benzodiazepine in reducing blood pressure. Other research has found that listening to music can help reduce pain, including arthritis pain. BUT latest research indicates that SINGING or producing melodies may provide similar benefits.

Another study from Washington DC, about Singing for Seniors :-

Singing particularly in a chorus, seems to benefit the elderly particularly well. As part of a three-year study examining how singing affects the health of those 55 and older, a Senior Singers Chorale was formed by the Levine School of Music in Washington, D.C. The seniors involved in the chorale (as well as seniors involved in two separate arts groups involving writing and painting) showed significant health improvements compared to those in the control groups. Specifically, the singing group reported an average of :-

* 30 fewer doctor visits.
*Fewer eyesight problems.
*Less incidence of depression.
*Less need for medication.
*Fewer falls and other injuries.
Even lead researcher Dr. Gene D. Cohen, director of the Center on Aging, Health, and Humanities at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., was surprised at how big of an effect the seniors' arts participation had on their health. "The average age of all the subjects was 80. This is higher than life expectancy. The fact that there was so much improvement in many areas was the surprise factor."
The seniors themselves also noticed health improvements, said Jeanne Kelly, director of the Levine School of Music, Arlington Campus, who led the choral group. The seniors reported :-

* Feeling better both in daily life and while singing.
* Their everyday voice quality was better.
* The tone of their speaking voice did not seem to age as much.
* Easier breathing.
* Better posture.

Singing can turn off the stress hormones that increase your blood pressure.
According to recent studies, singing your favorite songs for 20 minutes daily can send your Cortisol levels plunging by 25% or more. Listening to gospel songs, hymns or golden oldies, or what ever type of music calms and inspires you, can have the effect of slowing your beating and relaxing your heart muscles, which in turn lowers your blood pressure.
Your VOICE is a tool of expression and a vehicle for improving your well-being. Make a joyful noise: keep singing in the shower, no matter what the neighbors say. It could reduce your pain,tension, anxiety, stress, BP and prolong your life.

I do enjoy both singing and listening to good and old melodious music. Whenever I'm in pain or stress ... believe me ... music does wonders for me.

If you ever have the desire to break out into song -- in the shower, in the car, during morning/evening walk, in the park or maybe at your neighbor's infamous karaoke night -- you should embrace it whole-heartedly. This ancient art not only feels good, it can enhance your well-being, boost your heart & immune system, reduce your feelings of pain & stress and even prolong your life.


  1. What an uplifting and joyful post Dr Yadav- and something so simple we all can do. My son was getting immunizations today and he was quite fearful and the nurses told him to sing! What a great area of research and so interesting to read about the positive results.

    Love and blessings to you Dr. Yadav! Thanks for the positive encouragement!

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  4. Good day! In this blog entry did you base on any researches or these are fully your own conclusions? Waiting forward to hear your answer.

  5. These are fully based on research studies & their results. I have mentioned the origin & the name of the study group even here in my post.

  6. These are fully based on research studies & their results. I have mentioned the origin & the name of the study group even here in my post.