Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drink Tea Without Milk to Lose Weight and Choesterol : New Study !!!

Tea please .... Hold the Milk !!!!
Tea lovers can now kill the guilt of sipping an extra cup of tea. Researchers have found that tea helps one reduce weight provided he consumes it without milk. However if tea is taken with milk especially cow milk, than all the benefits are lost. For all those hitting the gym, and undertaking crash diets to lose weight, lay back and sip a hot cup of tea without milk, as a new study claims that drinking tea could help you lose weight, only if you don't add milk to it.
All teas, black, green or red are a rich source of anti oxidants like Theaflavins and Thearubigins which help in weight loss and cholesterol reduction, but these antioxidants in tea which aid in weight-loss are neutralized if milk is added to it. These anti oxidants present in tea reduce the amount of fat absorption in the intestine and can also cut cholesterol.
Tea is one of the good sources of anti oxidants that help one to prevent obesity and lose weight. But in order to reap this beneficial property of tea one should drink it without milk.
Researchers at the Tea Research Association in Assam, India have found that tea is a rich source of antioxidants such as theaflavins and thearubigins that help not only to cut cholesterol but reduce the amount of fat absorbed by our intestines.
But this fat-fighting ability of tea is neutralized if we add milk to it. Dr. Devajit Borthakur, a scientist at the Tea Research Association in Assam said that the benefits are cancelled out by the protein found in milk. He said, “When tea is taken with milk, theaflavins and thearubigins form complexes with the milk protein, which causes them to precipitate. Therefore we neither get the health benefits from these compounds nor from milk. Therefore, it is always advised to take tea without milk.” 
Also a study by scientists in Japan, reveals that extracts from tea leaves inhibit the absorption of fat in the intestines of rats being fed high-fat diet. These rats also had less fat tissue on their bodies and lower fat content in their livers, reports the Journal of Nutrition. Hiroaki Yajima, a scientist with the Kirin Beverage Company in Japan who carried out the Japanese research, said: "Black tea extracts may prevent diet-induced obesity by inhibiting intestinal lipid absorption." Researchers now believe this could explain why people in Britain appear not to benefit from the healthy affects of tea despite being among the world's biggest consumers of the beverage.
The study therefore is an eye-opener to many who can not imagine drinking tea without milk if, of course, they want to cut extra flab from their bulging waist line.  Consumption of black tea becomes important if one wants to lose weight. The health boosting properties of black tea are often disguised by tea lover’s habit of drinking it with milk.
One more reason to drink Tea without milk : Studies have also revealed that a type of protein found in milk called caseins decrease the amount of heart healthy compounds known as catechins that are found in tea.

Other benefits of tea :

 1. Drinking black teas can help to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, as it helps to expand the arteries, which increases blood flow to the heart.
2. Research has shown the black/green tea can be used in the fight against cancer. Properties of the tea slow down the growth of cancerous cells without destroying healthy cells.
3. Tea is also believed to help to delay the aging process. Nowadays there are many anti aging creams and lotions that contain tea extracts to help the skin look younger.

4. Drinking tea such as black and green tea helps to reduce bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol.
5. Tea contains fluoride, which can help to prevent tooth decay by strengthening tooth enamel.Tea also strengthens our bones.
6. For those people with diabetes, drinking tea can help to decrease glucose levels, which can reduce the risk of cataracts, and other conditions brought about by diabetes.
7. Tea builds the body's resistance to infection, especially the ones infused with a variety of herbs. By inhibiting free radicals tea strengthens the immune system providing protection to the organs against infection.

The research suggests that despite more attention being paid to the health benefits of green tea, black tea may have greater health-boosting properties which are masked by the tendency to drink it with milk.

Bottom Line: Tea is a healthy beverage offering many health benefits (if you skip the cream and sugar). Brew your tea for at least 3 - 5 minutes to bring out the beneficial polyphenols. Enjoy the aroma of tea !!!!