Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tata "Nano"--The People's Car.

Tata Nano
Tata Nano - Front Angle Low View Exterior Photo
The world's cheapest car "Tata Nano" from Tata Motors India Ltd. looks exactly similar to Brabus Smart Car (USA).It has recently been displayed last month in Detroit Science Center as US marketing strategy.It's cost in India is around $ 2500 but it will cost 5000 US $ in USA due to its up-gradation as per US by laws and US competitive needs.

Tata Nano may look peculiar to American eyes .Its 12-inch wheels seem a little-well-distorted.Its engine tops out at 65 miles per hour.However,fans argue that its 50 miles-per-gallon rating more than makes up for any aesthetic quirks.


  1. Still Indian market doesn't have any direct competitor of Nano in respect of price and looks.It has made a special segment for it in entry-level segment.Bajaj RE6o doesn't count here and Alto 800's price is much higher than Nano.