Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Purani Yaadein.

Dedicated to my Hamsafar,my Hamkadam,my Ham raj, and my Beloved WIFE.
My beloved wife : Nirmal Yadav.

Tujhko dekha hai meri nazron ne,
Teri tareef ho magar kaise.....
Ke bane ye nazar zuban kaise,
Ke bane ye zuban nazar kaise.....
Na zuban ko dikhai deta hai--Na nigahon se baat hoti hai....
Zikar hota hai jab qyamat ka--Tere jalwon ki baat hoti hai....
Tu chali aaye muskurati hui,
To bikhar jayen har taraf kaliyan.....
Tu chali jaye ooth ke pahlu se,
To ujad jayen phoolon ki galiyan.....
Jis taraf hoti hai nazar teri--Oos taraf kaynat hoti hai....
Zikar hota hai jab qyamat ka--Tere jalwon ki baat hoti hai....
Tu nigahon se na pilaye to,
Ashaq bhi peene wale peeten hain.....
Vaise jeene ko to tere bin bhi,
Iis zamane mein log jeete hain.....
Zindgi to oosi ko kahten hain--Jo basar tere saath hoti hai....
Zikar hota hai jab qyamat ka-- Tere jalwon ki baat hoti hai....
Tu jo chahe to din nikalta hai--Tu jo chahe to raat hoti hai....

This awesome,angelic and poetic gazal was sung by me before my wife for the 1st time when we first met and fell in love.She liked it soooo much in my voice for her, that she bowed down and touched my feet.I still remember and can clearly visualize that golden moment of my life.It was a big big surprise for her that I could sing reasonably well.
She often listened it from me during the golden 20 years of our married life.
Here is a video of this richest poetry about beauty without very exotic urdu dictations...for you to enjoy this gem in legendary Mukesh Ji's golden voice...
Hats off to Anand Bakshi for his richest poetry about beauty and the beautiful and masterful instrumentation by Daan Singh.
If you want to torture someone then a Mukesh Ji's song will not only torture but kill him too.
Thanks to the generation that produced such gems.

Unka rukhsar hi bahut tha mere liye,
Pyar ka izhaar hi bahut tha mere liye.....
Chehra dekh aa jaati thi hothon pe muskurahat,
Gusse mein bhi jhalakti thi ek anokhi chaahat,
Iqrare mohabbat ki oos haseen mehfil mein,
Ooska shir jhukana hi bahut tha mere liye......
Ooske daaman se lipat gaya tha mein kucch aise,
Khusboo bikhari ho ghul kar hawaon mein jaise,
Rukhsat ho gayi tu jahan se,chhod tanha mujhe,
Tera neend mein so jana hi bahut tha mere liye.....
Unka rukhsar hi bahut tha mere liye.......
Pyar ka izhar hi bahut tha mere liye........
.Pyar wo humko bepanah kar gaye...
Phir jindgi mein humko tanha kar gaye....
Rukta bhi nahi theek se chalta bhi nahi,
Ye bechain dil hai,ab sambhalata hi nahi,
Chahat thi unke ishq mein fanah hone ki,
Magar wo laut kar aane se mana kar gaye....
Aaj to hum maut ki duva kar ke roye hain,
Dobara aaj khuda se gila kar ke roye hain,
Kyon rukhsat ho gayi tu taqdeer se meri,
Bedard jamane mein meri saza kar gaye....
Pyar wo humko bepanah kar gaye.............
Phir jindgi mein humko tanha kar gaye.....
Pehle se maraasim na sahi phir bhi kabhi to,
Rasm-o-raahe-duniya hi nibhaane ke liye aa....
Kis kis ko bataayenge judaai ka sabab hum,
Tu mujh se khafa hai to zamaane ke liye aa....
Kuchh to meri pindaar-e-mohabbat ka bharam rakh,
Tu bhi to kabhi mujhko manaane ke liye aa....
Ek umr se hoon lazzat-e-giryaa se bhi mehroom,
Ae raahat-e-jaan mujh ko rulaane ke liye aa....
Ab tak dil-e-khush feham ko tujh se hain ummeedein,
Ye aakhri shammen bhi bujhaane ke liye aa....
Ranjish hi sahi dil ko dukhaane ke liye aa..........
Aa phir se mujhe chhod ke jaane ke liye aa........
I am speechless every time I hear this sensuous gem by legendary..... RAFI SAHAB.The depth of feeling and the way he subtle...delicate...tender...soft like a caress...unhurried and yet so compelling.Awesome lyrics of Sahir and mesmerizing tones of Ravi further make it a sensuous,romantic and a true song from beginning to end.

What a song !!!! Truly a sound of paradise.
How remarkably and effortlessly Rafi Saheb could sing this most difficult song ever composed and sung in hindi filmy music.This is simply too difficult to to put into words.Many have tried it to sing but in vain and have fallen flat with their faces down on the ground.
Hats off to Rafi Ji and Madan Mohan Saheb for this most difficult,great,soulful,and stunning composition with all varieties of tones and tempo of this universe.
Kaifi Azmi also did a wonderful job in writing its awesome lyrics.
In all....JUST MINDBLOOOOOOOOOOOWING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

This live gem of songs ever composed and sung in hindi by the duo-kings of music...Naushad and Mohd.Rafi is a real treat to hear and watch.It is a sheer blessings to the mind and soul.The range of Rafi's divine vocal cords in this immortal rendition,not only surprised the whole India but also mesmerized the whole music industry worldwide.Mind you,..this song was rehearsed for continuous 21 days and 4-6 times everyday,before it was finally recorded.Such was the passion,dedication and hard work for composition of any song in those golden days of hindi filmy music.

This song is so close to my heart and soul that it brings tears to my eyes.It was the most liked song of my wife and whenever it was in the air at home or outside,every time she would stop,come closer to the sound and listen to it to its end.She was an ardent fan of Rafi saab like me.
Thanks to the genius of Rafi saab and Shankar Jaikishan.The ease with which Rafi has sung the high notes in the antra is just amazing and incomparable...Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
If all the indian music  were to vanish forever except this song, this alone will be sufficient to show the beauty, richness, depth and sublimity of our music.

One of the greatest and rarest of gems of Rafi Saheb.
What a combo of C.Arjun and Indivar was...just incomparable !!!!!
I still remember the interview of C.Arjun by Ameen Sayani on radio in Binaca Geetmala prog. ,a long time ago about the story behind and how this song was composed/written by Indivar and how it was tuned.
C.Arjun ji told that ....""one day they-(both he and Indivar) were travelling in a BEST  bus while returning home from the recording studio.Both of them were sitting on the same seat and the bus was packed full with passengers.After 2 or 3 stations Indivar saw that a young and very beautiful girl boarded the bus and she came near their seat standing in the middle amongst other standing passengers.Indivar was repeatedly looking at her time and again. After 4 or 5 minutes, Indivar asked me to leave my seat and offer it to the pretty girl standing besides us.
After a bit hesitation I agreed and gave my seat to her.To his surprise,Indivar didn't talk to her even once while she was sitting beside him for about 20 -25 minutes before she deboarded the bus at one of the stops in our way. When I asked Indivar why he didn't talk to her ? He replied he shall tell him when they reached home. On reaching home Indivar said "my dear Arjun Thank you so much for offering your seat to her and letting her sit beside me and I had imagined and thought of some lines while she was standing and then sitting with  me". Indivar there and then spoke those lines and they were "PAAS BAITHO TABIYAT BAHAL JAYEGI....MAUT BHI AA GAYI HO TO TAL JAYEGI".
And then Indivar wrote this whole song there and then in about one hour and asked me to compose its tune the same night. We sat together after our dinner and composed its tune before we went to our beds late night. Indivar stayed with me that night and left for his home next day morning....""
That was the example of spirit,circumstances and inspiration behind most of the songs composed and tuned during that goldenly diamond era of hindi filmy music. My  Big SALAAM to all those composers and writers.
Long live their memories...Amen.........

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tips for Avoiding Heart Disease.

Are you worried about your heart and cholesterol levels ?
Are you worried about your cholesterol levels ?
If you have high cholesterol level in blood,then you need to change your diet and lifestyle to lower the cholesterol and your risk of heart disease.Even if your doctor prescribed a cholesterol lowering drug,
you'll still need to change your diet and become more active for cardiovascular health.These simple tips can help you keep cholesterol levels in check.

Understanding cholesterol : LDL vs HDL.
Cholesterol : Good and Bad.

Your body need a small amount of cholesterol to function properly.But we may get too much saturated fat and cholesterol in our diet-and both raise levels of LDL "bad" cholesterol.LDL cholesterol can cause plaques to build up in arteries,leading to heart disease.HDL "good" cholesterol on the other hand,helps clear bad cholesterol from your blood.Your aim should be to lower LDL cholesterol and raise HDL cholesterol,starting with your diet.

Downsize : Portion control helps you loose weight and lower
cholesterol levels.
Give Yourself a Hand.
Many indians now eat super-sized meals,with portions that are twice the size recommended for good health.That can contribute to weight gain and high cholesterol.Here is an easy way to practice portion control for a meal : Use your hand.One serving of meat or fish is about what fits in the palm of your hand.One serving of fresh fruit is about the size of your fist.And a serving of cooked vegetables,rice or pasta should fit in your cupped hands.

Eat more plants : Fruits and veggies are nature's low
cholesterol diet.
Serve Up Heart-Healthy Food.
Load your plate with fruits and vegetables-five to nine servings a day-to help lower LDL "bad" cholesterol.Antioxidants in these foods provide the benefit or it may be that when we eat more fruits and veggies,we eat less fat.Either way you'll also help lower blood pressure and maintain a healthy weight.Foods enriched with plant sterols,such as margarine spreads,lahsoon,yoghurt etc.can also help lower LDL cholesterol.

Fight cardiovascular disease by eating Fish.
For Heart Health,Look to the Sea.
A heart healthy diet has fish on the menu twice a week.Why?. Fish is low in saturated fat and high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids.Omega-3 fatty acids help lower levels of Triglycerides-a type of fat in the blood which thickens the blood.They may also help lower cholesterol and slowing the growth of plaque in arteries.Go for fatty fish,such as salmon,tuna,trout and sardines.Just don't drop the filets in the deep fryer-you'll negate the health benefits.

How to lower cholesterol ? Make time for breakfast.
Start Your Day With Whole Grains.
A bowel of oat meal or whole-grain cereal has benefits that last all the day.The fiber and complex carb
ohydrates in whole grains help you feel fuller for longer,so you'll be less tempted to overeat at lunch.They also help reduce LDL "bad" cholesterol and can be an important part of your weight-loss strategy.Other examples of whole grains include wild rice,popcorn,brown rice,barley and whole-wheat flour.

Snack smart : Grab a handful of almonds,walnuts,or pistachios.

Go Nuts for Cardiovascular Health.

Need a snack ?. A handful of nuts is a tasty treat that help in lowering cholesterol.Nuts are rich in mono-saturated fats-which lower LDL cholesterol while leaving HDL cholesterol intact.Several studies show that people who eat about an ounce of nuts a day,have a lower risk of heart disease.Nuts are high in fats and calories,so only eat a handful.And make sure they are not covered in sugar or choclates or fried.
Aim for low cholesterol: Swap
butter for healthy oils.

Unsaturated Fats Protect the Heart.
We all need a little fat in our diet-about 25-35 % of our daily calories.But the type of fat matters.Unsaturated fats-like those found in canola,olive oil and safflower oils-lower bad cholesterol and may help raise good cholesterol.Saturated fats-like those found in desi ghee,butter,cream and palm oil and transfats (used in bakery), raise LDL cholesterol.Even good fats have calories,so eat in moderation.

Choose carbs wisely : Those high in fiber can reduce risk
of atherosclerosis.
More Beans,Fewer Potatoes.
You need carbohydrates for energy,but some do more good to your body than others.Whole grains -such as brown rice,or quinona,whole wheat pasta and beans esp. germinating moong and motth beans, have more fiber and raise only mild sugar levels.They lower risk of diabetes and high cholesterol.Other carbs like those found in white bread,white potatoes,white rice and pastries,quickly boost blood sugar levels and mayincrease the risk of type-2 diabetes.

Be active : Exercise boosts good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol.
Move it !
Even 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week (20 minutes three times a week for vigorous exercise
such as jogging) can help lower LDL "bad" cholesterol and raise HDL "good" cholesterol-although more exercise is even better.It also helps you maintain an ideal weight and reducing your chance of developing clogged arteries or veins.You don't have to exercise 30 minutes straight-you can break it up into 10 minutes increments.

Fight high cholesterol with the easiest exercise in the world.
Walk it Off.
If you are not used to exercising or
hate the thought of going to a gym-just go for a walk (3 k.m. in 30 minutes).It is easy,healthy and all you need is a good pair of shoes.Aerobic or cardiovascular exercises such as fast walking or cycling lowers risk of stroke and heart diseases,helps you loose weight,and keep your bones strong.If you are just starting out,try a 10 minute walk and gradually build up from there to 3 k.m. in 20-30 minutes.

For cardiovascular health
:Activity counts if it increases your heart rate.

Work Out Without Going to the Gym.
If exercise sounds like a dirty word to you,here is some good news : You can boost your heart health by incorporating physical activity into your day.Any kind of cardiovascular activity counts--gardening,dancing,or taking the stairs instead of elevator.Even house work such as sweeping,cleansing floors(poccha),or vigorous dusting can
qualify as exercise-as long as you are
doing serious cleaning that gets your
heart rate up and not just light dusting.
Want to lower cholesterol ? :
Make some simple changes in your life.

Take Charge of Your Health.
If you have high cholesterol,you and your doctor may be using a number of strategies to lower cholesterol levels.You may be working on your diet,loosing weight,exercising more,and may be taking cholesterol drugs.There are other activities you can take too to make sure you stay on the right track.

Watch what you order : Restaurant and party foods can
be bad for your heart.
What to Do When Eating Food
If you are eating healthy food at home to keep cholesterol in check,don't blow it when you eat out.Restaurant and party foods can be loaded with saturated fats,calories and sodium.Even healthy choices may come in super-size portions.Try these tips to stay on track : (1) Choose broiled,backed,steamed,and grilled foods -not fried.(2) Get or keep sauces on the side.(3) Practice portion control by asking for-half your meal to be boxed up before it's brought out.

Shop smart : Read the nutrition label with a heart-healthy diet in mind.

Look for Hidden Traps
A close look at nutrition label is essential for a low cholesterol diet.Try these tips : (1) Check serving size : The nutrition information may look good but does the package contain two servings instead of one ? (2) If it says "whole grain"read the ingredients.Whole wheat or whole brown rice should be the 1st choice.(3) A food with "0 gram cholesterol"could still raise your LDL cholesterol.(4) Saturated fat is the other culprit to watch for.

Relax-Lowering stress is good for heart health.
Don't Stress Out.
Chronic stress can raise B.P.,adding to your risk of atherosclerosis--which occurs when fatty plaques from bad cholesterol build up in arteries.Researches show that for some people,stress might directly increase cholesterol levels.Reduce your stress levels with relaxation exercises,meditation,yoga,pranayam or biofeedback.Focus on your breathing and take deep refreshing breaths.It is a simple stress-buster you can do anywhere.

Loose weight to feel great : Drop pounds and lower cholesterol.

When Loosing Means Winning
Losing weight is one of the best things you can do to fight cardiovascular disease.Being overweight affects the lining of your arteries,making them more prone to collect plaques from cholesterol.Losing weight-esp. belly fat which is linked to hardening of your arteries--helps raise HDL "good" cholesterol and lower the bad cholesterol.Aim to keep your body mass index (BMI)--an indicator of body fat,under 25.

Watch your numbers : Pay attention to weight ,B.P.
and cholesterol.
Follow Your Doctor's Advice.
Managing your cholesterol is a life long
process.See your doctor regularly to keep tabs on your health.Follow your doctor's recommendations on diet,exercise,and medication.Working together you can keep your heart fit,strong and smiling.